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Billing Office

The providers at Priority Care Pediatrics, LLC are enrolled in almost all health plans. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier's Customer Service Department to verify that we are a provider on your particular plan and that one of our physicians is listed as your child’s primary care provider, if required by your plan.  Each insurance plan has separate rules and policies, so we encourage you to become familiar with your plan. Particularly important is what the plan will and will not cover. Because of the hundreds of plans we accept, our office cannot know this information; please call your insurance company to inquire. A few important points:

  • If your plan requires a primary care doctor, make sure one of our doctors is the one listed.
  • Be sure “well child care” is covered, including immunizations.
  • Most insurance plans allow only 30 days for a newborn to be added to your policy.
  • We are required to collect copayments, deductibles and payment for non-covered services and cannot waive these fees. We accept cash, check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa as payment.  Copayments and past due payments must be paid at registration when you arrive for your visit.  We allow a 30-day grace period after you have received a statement to make payments, after which a statement processing fee may apply.  Our billing staff is available by phone or at the time of your visit to assist in explaining your bill if needed.
  • Please notify us promptly of any change in insurance, address or phone number.
  • For Medicaid insurance plans we accept Healthcare USA and MO Health Net.

Our billing office may be reached at 816-412-2908 for any billing questions.

You may make an online payment by

clicking here.