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To schedule an appointment please contact our office by calling 816-412-2900.

We offer two types of scheduled appointments when you call the office:

  1. Advance appointments are scheduled as much as four months in advance for any provider in our practice. Advance appointments are often scheduled for well checks, weight checks, vaccinations, or as a follow up to an emergency room visit or admission to the hospital.

  2. Open Access appointments are scheduled primarily for sick patients on the same day that a call is received by our office. We start accepting calls for these appointments at 8:15 a.m., and they are filled on a “first call, first served” basis. Note that beginning January 2, 2017 phones will open at 7:30 a.m. for scheduling.  This scheduling method ensures that we always have appointments available for ill children to be seen every day instead of our schedule being full days in advance or having to overbook, causing further delays.  We have found this type of “advance or open access” scheduling system allows our providers to see the patients who need to be seen in the most efficient manner.

There are times throughout the year, such as in the fall and winter months, when open access appointments fill up very quickly.

We also have an Easy Care walk-in option from noon to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday at the NORTH OAK office. During these times, you may simply walk in and be seen in the order you arrive.  Easy Care is designed for quick care of common illnesses such as sore throat, colds, cough or ear infections.  Because of its nature, it is not appropriate for more chronic conditions such as headache, stomach pain, etc.  Please note that in order to provide convenient, efficient, and safe care, we may at times have to limit the number of patients which can be seen, though we will be able to see more than in the past.  This is especially true toward the latter part of the walk in time.  Note you must check in by 6:30 p.m. to be seen.

Patients are generally seen on a first-come, first-served basis. However, any patient deemed to be more acutely ill may be seen prior to others.

We are not presently able to accept walk-in patients on Fridays or Saturdays.

At certain peak times after hours and during the winter, we will be scheduling patients utilizing a “wave” schedule. We will schedule 2-4 patients per time slot, asking each patient to arrive at the beginning of the time. Patients will then be seen in the order in which they check-in. This schedule will only be for our Open Access appointments, which are primarily ill visits.  You will be notified if you are being scheduled into a wave.

If all open access appointments are full and you have a question regarding your child’s care or condition, you are always welcome to leave a message for our triage nurses. After hours, you may call the number for a nurse triage service on the back of your insurance card or phone our office for additional contact options.

Late/No Show Policy

If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your appointment time, you may be asked to reschedule or you may need to wait until the provider can work you in after those who show up on time.  If you cannot make it to a scheduled appointment, we ask you to call as soon as possible, at least by 5 p.m. the business day prior to the appointment.  If you No Show, you will be charged a $50 fee which must be paid before another appointment can be made, and future appointments already scheduled will be cancelled unless payment is made.  If a true emergency occurs which prevents you from calling to notify us, please contact the office.  Appointments are marked as a No-Show thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled appointment time. Even if the patient arrives after that time, the No-Show fee still applies.

We understand that these policies may seem strict but we have adopted them in order to meet the needs of our patients and provide the best service to as many as possible