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Our Patient Portal

Please click here to download a PDF copy of the information on this page.

We are pleased to reintroduce our Patient Portal, now a FREE service.  This online tool will allow you to do several tasks which previously required a phone call or visit.  It integrates completely with your child’s electronic health record in our office.  Present features allow you to:

  • Check past and upcoming appointment times
  • Request medication refills
  • Email questions securely.  These could be medical or regarding billing, appointments, etc.
  • View and print the patient’s health records, including immunizations and laboratory/x-ray results
  • Export a chart summary to take to or show another provider to coordinate care (for example, to show a specialist or at an emergency room visit).  The site is mobile phone and tablet friendly so viewing remotely is easy
  • Request or report a referral
  • View, print and update health information such as social history, family history, medications, allergies, etc.

Please note that the system records who has portal access and who does not.  If you have signed up for portal access, we will use it to notify you of appointments, send messages, send lab results, etc.  It is your responsibility to check the portal regularly as we may not notify you in any other format if you have elected to use the portal.  Each time we send a portal message, the system will send a note to your designated email account to let you know a new portal message is available.  Each child may have only one portal account; if more than one person will be accessing the account (for example, both parents), you will need to allow a delegated account (explained on the portal site) which allows multiple sign-in accounts per child.  Also note that due to privacy issues, each child must have their own portal account; if you have multiple children, each will need a separate login.


When you send a message to us, we will make every effort to reply within three (3) business days.  Similarly, when we send a message to you, we ask that you reply in a prompt manner as well.  Our system does record when you view your messages, and this information, and the messages we send back and forth, will be kept in the patient’s chart.  The messages you write are sent through a secure system directly into our email system.  Messages sent to you are delivered to the portal website and you will be sent an email to the address you select, notifying you that a message is available.  You can then log in to the portal and view the message.  Our staff is trained in security and privacy measures and will protect messages from being seen at our office by logging off of workstations when not in use and by not sharing their passwords or logins.  Keeping messages secure on your end requires two things – first, that notifications reach the correct email.  It is your responsibility to ensure that we have an up-to-date email on file in the office and linked on the portal.  If your email changes, please change it on the portal and by notifying the office.  The second security feature is that only the correct individual (or someone authorized by that individual) can access that information.  The email address you use for your child’s portal login will have access to all information about the patient, so you should protect it and the password to log in to the portal site very carefully.  If you think someone has learned your email password or portal password, you should go immediately to the appropriate site and change it.  We understand the importance of privacy in regard to your health care and will make every effort to work with you to protect it.

We ask that you not send any sensitive or confidential information across that system if you do not want it recorded in the chart.  Examples could include comments about family disruption/divorce, sexually transmitted infections, mental health issues, etc.  All emails WILL be saved into the chart.  In addition, we ask that you not ask questions except on the child for which the email relates.  Because the information is automatically stored in the individual patient’s chart, it needs to relate only to that child.  Though we recognize that it is a hassle, questions about siblings or other children will require logging out and logging back in to the other child’s portal account.

Account Activation

When we activate your child’s portal account, you will be sent an email with a link to the portal site (www.healthportalsite.com/PCPeds).  You will need to provide four demographic items (Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Zip Code – all for the PATIENT) to verify your identity.  Note that for those families with more than one child, the first line of the email will say “Welcome NAME” so you will know to which child that email applies.  You will also enter a user name and password and will then have full access.  At that time, you may add a “patient representative” for the other parent, etc.  If you have any questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office.  Please note that if you would like to sign up for portal, you may call the office or do so at your next visit.  Please do not do so through an email request as that is not secure or HIPAA compliant.
The portal and its associated email should NOT be used to communicate an emergency or any urgent health condition.  For emergencies, call 911.  For urgent matters which require an immediate response, or if you do not receive a response in an appropriate amount of time, call the office at 816-412-2900.